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Capital Defense

eyelashes, eyebrows, puffiness

Extremely mobile and very thin, the skin around the eye contour develops wrinkles and ages more quickly than the rest of the face. As a result of poor blood and lymph circulation, bags and dark circles, become permanent and make the eyes look heavy. The Capital Defense range provides a complete answer to the specific problems of the area around the eyes.

Eye Contour Massage Spoon

Eye Contour
Massage Spoon

Face care

Smoothing & Decongestant effect

24.00 €
Multi-corrective Treatment

Multi-corrective Treatment

Face care

Eye Contour - Suitable for senstivie eyes

43.00 € 15 ml
Patch Eye Contour - GOLD EFFET

Patch Eye Contour - GOLD EFFECT

Face care

Hydration, Wrinkles, Puffiness, Dark circles

35.00 € 6x2


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