Smoothing Treatment with Green Tea

This 'NEW SKIN EFFECT' treatment purifies, soothes and revitalizes oily and combination skin.

It associates the benefits of soothing (Chamomile, Cornflower, Calendula, Lime Blossom, St -John’s-wort)repairing (Allantoïn, Aloes) and detoxifying plant extracts (Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Moringa Oleifera beans). 

INDICATIONS : oily to combination skin
DURATION : 50 minutes
RESULTS : from the 1st treatment, the skin is soft, fresh and more radiant.

Extend the benefits of this treatment

HA Purifying mask

Purifying mask

with Lipesters® CSS

20.00 €
Smoothing Mask with Green Tea

Smoothing Mask with Green Tea

Purifies - Soothes - Moisturizes

12.00 €