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Eye Contour Professional Treatment

Very thin and sensitive, the eye contour area needs specific care. Stress, fatigue and electronic screens can cause premature ageing. The HELIABRINE® Eye Contour Professional Treatment has been specifically created for this very fragile area. It helps erase visible signs of fatigue and smoothes the eye contour for a rested and luminous look.
DURATION: For eye treatment only : 45 minutes. If eye treatment is combined with a facial treatment : 25 minutes.
RESULTS : In a few minutes only, bags and circles around the eyes are less visible, the eye contour is revitalized. Anti Jet-lag effect !
FREQUENCY: For best results a course of 5 weekly conse- cutive treatments is recommended. Then 1 treatment a month or as often as needed for an instant energizing treatment before any special occasion. 

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